Sunday, 23 April 2017

1.8 Child-Rearing

There's still some money left over after buying a new crib for the baby, so Persis finally indulges her artistic flair and buys an easel. Since it's too cold to go fishing or to garden, she spends a lot of her now abundant free time painting or caring for her daughters. 

Marko is concerned that all this time spent in the house will make Persis stir-crazy. Persis smiles at her husband's concern, but reassures him that she doesn't mind staying in all day. 

She's so absorbed in her painting, in fact, that she doesn't notice that it's Spooky Day or that Marko's planned costume party is today. Given Persis' enormous, rounded belly, she was exempt from dressing up as anything. 

Marko, on the other hand, dresses as a military grunt. 

He greets Jazlyn, who is dressed as a maid. He invited her two children to come along, but they're spending Spooky Day with Kanoa. It seems that he's become a somewhat decent father for the holidays. 

"So you're Marko's wife?" one of Marko's co-workers, Josy Clover, tries to make small talk with Persis. All of the teachers except for Marko are single, making him and Persis oddities. No one from the school has ever talked to Persis, only occasionally seeing her from afar when she goes fishing, out for a walk, or to the consignment store. And now with the cold weather and her pregnancy, they don't even see her do that. 

Persis just ignores her. What a weird question. 

Persis waddles away as fast as her bloated body will allow, making a face of intense annoyance as people get in her way. She hates parties. 

As it turns out, she's actually in labor. Marko rushes her to the hospital, leaving the guests to make their own party. 

One such guest is Gracie Loveland, who is more than a little annoyed that her sexy mermaid costume didn't get more of a reaction. She's really losing her touch. 

Left in charge of baby sitting is Aldo, a fellow substitute teacher. He doesn't have to much seeing as the girls are ready for bed and falling asleep, but he still supervises the nursery. 

Marko and Persis come home not too long after with a baby boy. They named him Paolo, for no other reason than that "Paul" sounded too normal. 

Persis finds it odd that the party guests are still here, but apparently a new birth counts as an exciting event in this town. Gracie Loveland and someone in a very convincing zombie get-up look on with interest as Persis rocks Paolo to sleep. 

Persis hides out in the nursery under the guise of playing with the girls until all the guests leave. She even teaches Xara to talk to make her lie more convincing. 

These two are just so cute! I just wish toddlers in Sims 3 could play with their toys together, but I'll settle for synchronized play time. 

Marko picks up where Persis left off. 

As a teacher, he feels his children should have a refined, academic vocabulary. 

"Annoying!" Xara utilizes her newfound vocabulary to describe the cries of her younger brother. Marko sighs, internally agreeing. 

Xara is excited to use all these new words she just learned. Butterfly! Blue! Toy! A rush of nonsense comes out of her mouth. Marko laughs and hoists her up on his hip, listening to her chatter as he tries to figure out what's wrong with Paolo. 

It's Persis who figures out that he's hungry. Marko showers while she feeds their son, happy for the reprieve. 

"I would do anything for a vacation," Persis sighs as she settles in for "breakfast", "Or even just a baby sitter..." 

Marko laughs. "I have to agree with you there. You know anything we can do with the 80 or so simoleons we have to our name?" 

Persis laughs, "You exaggerate." Not by much, but he does! 

"I wish I could at least garden," she sighs. Being cut off from both her source of income and her favorite pass time has not done wonders for her mood, or their financial situation. 

"Well if you're looking for something to do, the gym's always available," he teases. Aside from gardening, which is labor intensive, he can't say Persis really exercises. "Or maybe you could sign up for a group class..."

"Team sports? No way. I left that behind in high school." Far, far behind...

Not willing to go out and find something to do, Persis focuses on teaching her daughters important skills. It's Tulip's turn to master the verbal arts. 

"It's not a party if there aren't any nachos," she feels obligated to impart some of Marko's wisdom to their children. 

"...can you say 'sun'? The thing we haven't seen since last season?" 

"...writing is awful. Truly terrible. Avoid it like the plague." 

"A void?" 

"Writing can become one!"

Tulip is confused. 

Marko probably should be doing something productive, like improving his logic or devoting time to his other hobbies, but the dart board is practically calling to him...

Cries emanate from the nursery. He sighs and puts down his dart. Another time, perhaps. 

He gives Xara and Tulip their dinner and relieves Persis from baby duty. She rushes out of the room to take a much needed shower and eat something. Marko takes the opportunity to clean up the various toys scattered on the floor. 

Xara is out like a light as soon as he puts her to bed, but Tulip is wide awake. It seems she's become as chatty as her older sister, and talks Marko's ear off about computers. She's never seen one, but she's pretty sure they're the greatest thing ever. 

Persis seizes the opportunity to get some painting done. She might not be very good, but she needs the mental escape. The cold seasons last far too long, in her opinion, and the twins' next birthday is a long way off. 

For Tulip, though, who does not yet understand the passage of time, being a toddler is pretty great, and rather permanent. She plays all day long with her toys or spends time with her parents, eats, and sleeps. She doesn't know that life can be any other way. 

Finally, an avenger of the courageous grey flamingo! He is put back on his legs, ready to protect this dwelling from any evil. 

The only real "evil" Persis can think of right now is having to change 3 dirty diapers, empty the potty, and wipe the urine-stained floor, all without her husband's help since he's working to pay their mounting bills. 

There is a glimmer of hope, though. The temperature is just warm enough to allow her plants to thaw, giving Persis the chance to fertilize and weed them. She also realizes that with all the chaos of pregnancy and child-rearing that she completely forgot to sell off her last batch of produce. It somehow hasn't spoiled, and she wastes no time in getting dressed and heading out. 

The cashier seems pleased to see her. Persis is Appaloosa Plains' only gardener and is thus the only source of produce with a higher quality than the grocery store brand. For the local bistro and health-nuts, home grown produce is worth an arm and a leg. 

Persis figures with the upcoming sale of her harvestables, she can afford to leave the kids with a babysitter for a few hours. With nothing pressing to take care of, she takes advantage of the unusually warm weather and goes fishing. 

A fishing Persis is a happy Persis. 

And a paternal Marko is a happy Marko. 


  1. Well good thing Marko's happy! I feel a little bad for Persis since she had to go so long without gardening. I love how she was teaching Tulip to talk. She's right--writing should be avoided. XD

    1. Marko has the nurturing trait, so I figured he would love being a dad. I feel bad for Persis too! She was really chained to the home lot for fall and winter!

      Writing is definitely not for the faint of heart XD

  2. By now I finally figured out why I remember reading these chapters, yet never commented! I read them on my phone while traveling (and it was great entertainment!) but was unable to comment because google's security alert freaked out about me using a different device AND different wifi. So yeah. >_>

    Anyway, it's a great chance to reread and finally comment too! Loved the parts about the zombie get-up and how writing should be avoided XD

    1. Well your reading is always appreciated, whether it be just lurking or accompanied by a comment :)

      Tulip was on to something, that's for sure...