Wednesday, 12 April 2017

1.1: A Fresh Start

So these are my found-
Oh wait. I forgot to build their house. My bad.

Hahaha I have no idea what I’m doing.

So this is the master bedroom and the bathroom… and now the house is all weird and uneven.

Given that this is a random legacy, we all know babies will come at some point. I might as well build the nursery and bedrooms now.

I am horribly uncreative when it comes to building my sim’s houses. This nonsense will suffice for the time being.

I prefer interior decorating. I rarely start my legacies with a couple, so I totally abused the extra funds I got and wasted most of their money on nice flooring and wallpaper. This left me with 28 simoleons, meaning no lights for a while. At least I remembered to buy them a hamper.

These are my founders, Marko (left) and Persis (beanie) Winterly. Marko is an altered Benino Rossi from the Goldbeard Legacy, but all Marko has from him is his twig body, his eye shape, and the charismatic trait. Persis is an almost completely altered female Percival Archer from the Archers of Barnacle Bay. All Persis has left from him is his nose, similarly twiggy body, and jaw, but I decided to name her “Persis” in honor of her base sim. Percy was packaged with a bunch of tattoos, which I removed, but I let Persis start with a huge tattoo on her right bicep and a huge flower tattoo on her back which cannot be seen here.

This glitch made Marko morph into Persis as they both tried to get a taxi at the same time.

My game has a weird rendering problem. Unless “I” am "physically" on the lot I’m looking at, the buildings almost never render properly. Sims do, though.
Anyways, here are Benney Hessey (the blonde teen), Hailey Shepard, and Kenji Midden. Kenji has shown up in pretty much every random legacy set in Appaloosa Plains, so I felt obligated to show his face here. I might have Marko befriend him later.

Marko signs up for a career in education.
Given he’s in the beginning of his young adult stage, you would think that he might wait a little longer before going back to the place he just got out from, but no. Marko wants to be a teacher now.
(Spoilers: He totally doesn’t. Family is super poor right now, and even though the education career’s pay is a joke, they need the money.)

Persis goes off to the library. At first, I thought this was the entire library, which was horrifying.

Thankfully it turned out to be much more spacious!
And pfffft haha Persis’ hair matches the décor!

Ahem, I mean, Persis regarded her surroundings seriously. The modest library had a quaint charm to it, she thought.

Marko rolled a wish to text his boss. When I directed him to do so, he made this disgruntled face.
Why, Marko? You’re the one who wanted this!

That’s better.
I wonder what he’s texting him about. He only just literally got hired for this job. “See you on Monday”? C’mon, Marko.

Tate Curley is a mass of contradictions. His thoughts indicate he is pleased to see Persis, but the expression he’s making does not correspond. I refuse to believe that that is his happy face.

Across the room is Jazlyn and Kanoa Parrot. Jazlyn starts the game pregnant. She seems very happy with her impending bundle of joy, completely unaware that her husband is a lying jerk. Soon after this picture was taken, they did, indeed, divorce.
But for right now, Jazlyn is happy.

Again, Tate seems to be thinking he is happy to Jazlyn but he’s making that face.
Or maybe seeing Jazlyn happy makes him mad? That’s messed up.

Seeing Kanoa only gets this mild reaction. Tate Curley is strange. 

Meanwhile back at home, Marko autonomously surfs the internet. I can only speculate about what is making him so overjoyed.

Whenever he makes these wide-eyed happy expressions, his eyes really do make me think of Benino Rossi. I changed their colour and size, of course, but still. I was tempted to let him keep the huge glasses from his progenitor, but I thought the resemblance would be too extreme.

Marko rolled a wish to throw a party, so I threw a party and invited all of his coworkers. For some reason, they choose to gather outside of the house rather than inside it. The sims universe is a strange place.

From here, I let Marko do his own thing. It’s mostly friendly interactions with his colleagues.

Then the guy with the enormous cow-boy hat starts complaining about exercise. Apparently he’d rather sit at home all day on his computer- Wait.

Moving on!

He and another guest enjoy randomly generated sushi and Firecracker shrimp and discuss the benefits of gardening. Seriously.

Marko is not impressed with the sushi. But given how small their household budget is, he’d rather eat bland sushi than pay for the necessary ingredients to cook. In addition, their stove is dangerously cheap and would probably set the house on fire if used.

Still, a man can dream.
“Man, I wish there were nachos…”

The cow-boy looks forlornly at his plate. “Me too…”

Persis wanted to see the art gallery and I obliged. Appaloosa Plains does not seem to have very refined artistic tastes.

Upon seeing that they had toilet paper as one of the displays, Persis fled home. The horrors of living in Appaloosa Plains.

When she arrives, Marko looks decidedly unhappy to see her. Persis is used to his dramatic mood swings and just sighs and rolls her eyes.

You ok there, Marko? He really looks sad. The idle animations for dramatic sims are so melodramatic.

And then he pulls out his phone and watches videos without a care in the world.

His phone is more interesting than his wife, apparently.

Tired from all the excitement from their first day, the two settle in for the night and sleep comfortably. 


  1. Omg, I love your sense of humour.
    Sims make such funny faces all the time, I swear. Trying to get serious screenshots for my legacy is hellish because my sims just pull disgruntled faces all the time.

    What are your rolls?

    1. Haha, thanks. I decided to make a very unstructured, game-play driven blog instead of story driven (there's nothing wrong with story driven, but I made this save purely for my own entertainment) so humor was quite easy to insert because the Sims is just ridiculous.

      I'll be making a separate page for rolls at some point, but I'll also put them here:

      -Mixed couple
      -3 children
      -Primary career: Education
      -Secondary: Gardener
      -Hobby or obsession?
      -A sim for all seasons

  2. I was wondering what happened to the Zorins! I thought Marko looked familiar, but I couldn't tell Persis was Percival. She's cute! Bet they'll have adorable children...:D

    I need to make a dramatic sim! They look like so much fun.

    1. I wish I could rescue them... but alas, they're trapped where they are for the time being.

      They are rather cute! I was going to try to make this a combo of a perfect genetics challenge and a normal random legacy challenge, but then I realized with a preset number of kids there was only a slim chance the desired genetics would be passed down... so I just made them both adorable so I'd be happy with whatever result I got.

      They are! They can also pretend to faint. Marko hasn't done that in game yet, but you can make them do it if you want.

  3. Appaloosa Plains \o/ I love this neighbourhood, I have to admit almost every new save file I started was in Appaloosa and I played a lot with the townies... haha. Good choice!

    Tate is actually said to be a bitter old guy who dislikes the new townsfolk and he has the grumpy trait, so his odd reactions are kinda appropriate... for him =D
    Will you create spouses for future generations or look for a partner among EA townies? Appaloosa Plains has some pretty sims and I always enjoy seeing their offspring in other games.

    Persis has a fancy hair color, curious to see if their baby/babies
    will inherit it.

    1. This is the first time in a while that I'm playing in AP. I was going to edit their faces because the last time I played there I didn't like how they looked, but I'm lazy and I just made this family for fun, so we'll see how the unaltered townie families turn out here!

      That does make sense. Maybe he's bitter to see so much happiness around him?

      I will try to marry my heirs to townies but if I can't find any with the traits I want for the rolls (or if the available ones are too hideous) I'll make some sims or use other people's sims.

      I have played up until they have kids, so you will eventually see if any of them have her hair!

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  5. It's sad that the Zorins won't be around anymore, but I really like these two so far! I'm also enjoying your writing style a lot - catching up on this entire legacy will be fun! (Sorry it has taken me so long o_o)

    1. I am hoping I can rescue them someday, but it seems unlikely. I really like Marko and Persis, their generation was fun to play because there were so many surprises and interesting events gameplay wise.

  6. I've never really played Apaloosa (because Pets ran my computer into the ground when it first came out and glitched my favorite family in my Test of Time challenge with eternal pet adoption, the result of which was to make them live as slaves for the following several generations so I uninstalled it for a while AHEM /rant) So it'll be fun to see it here.
    I get really excited for builds and when I want to play I just draw walls all over the lot and roll the dice. Your intro was hilarious.