Wednesday, 12 April 2017

1.2 A Day in Town

Persis has bad dreams about writing. It’s just so damn awful, you know?
Also that bed. I use that bed for pretty much all of my first generations, since it is cheap but has high quality compared to the other beds in the same price range. At least here I bothered to recolour it.

Marko seems way too happy for his first day of work. It’s also about 5 AM, which means his brain shouldn’t even be fully functioning, but sims 3!

Sims in my games rarely read the newspaper, causing the newspapers to rot outside until the newspaper boy/girl complains that there are too many littering the ground. Marko, however, shall be one of my rare sims who bothers to read it.

After a harrowing nightmare involving quill pens and proof-reading, Persis enjoys the average quality-party sushi from the day before. 

As Marko leaves for work, Persis plants the seeds of a fledgling garden. If she can get some high quality harvestables they could sell for a lot of money. Oh and her lifetime wish is to have a perfect garden, but family funds > life goals.

She then wanted to go to the summer festival, so off she went. She rolled a wish to play a game of horseshoes but oddly enough for such an animal-centric town, there was not a single horseshoe court in the entire park. Disappointed, I had to cancel that wish.

Then she rolled a wish to learn the fishing skill. There’s not really anything in this pond, but why not, I’ll let Persis have some fun.

She became discouraged after several hours ticked by without any fish. Who would’ve thought fishing with no bait in a tiny pond would be so hard?

Hetty Lionheart thinks Persis is a loser with no friends. Ouch.

Not wanting her lack of fish to get her down, Persis tried out the rollerskating rink.
After she falls flat on her butt for the third time, she remembers why she’s never tried this before. After dusting herself off, she calls it a day and goes home sore.

Bills! Such an unexpected disappointment joy! Persis signs away about a quarter of the household funds (60 simoleons) and stuffs the paid bills back into the mailbox.

She hopes her tiny garden can help pull her and Marko out of their financial troubles.

Marko sighs as he steps out of the town theatre and sees the heavy rain. On his normal work hours he would’ve been home by now, but the school’s summer dance was short on a few chaperones, so he volunteered to fill in. Watching teens flail about in both sad and amusing attempts to “dance” and impress each other made him remember his own high school days. Boy, he is glad that they are over. 

Persis broods about some…odd… things in her spare time. Maybe she’s worried about crows picking off her garden? Come on Persis, everyone knows the birds in Sims 3 just sit and hop around until some schmuck captures them and makes them their pet.

Marko interrupts his wife’s brooding with a kiss. This…is actually their first flirty interaction in game, and I had to direct it. But afterwards they seem perfectly content to suck each other’s faces off without any intervention, so I guess they just needed a little push?

“Marriage is a social construct and only has an assigned significance to it and is thus void of any real meaning.”

Marko is happy about this???
When brooding sims talk about their feelings, it falls under flirty interactions but they almost always have that red X over an engagement ring. I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone who is already married or engaged would find that to be in any way positive, much less flirtatious, but I digress.

And he kisses her. First in-game kiss! How cute.

Which of course leads to more. Despite her misgivings about marriage, she and Marko are in love, or else they wouldn’t have married so young. Or moved to this isolated town together. Or put up with each other’s strange habits. Persis is quiet and reserved while Marko loves being surrounded by people and is overly dramatic. They probably should get on each other’s nerves more, but they’re happy together.

And they decide to break in their new bed, too. 
All in all, it was a pretty successful day. 


  1. "I hate marriage" "wow so romantic i love you hon"
    Gotta love that sims logic.

    1. It does make for some funny screenshots!

  2. Haha, I need to play with speech bubbles on because I miss half the fun stuff in the game.

    I love that bed, too! I almost always use it in homes I build for the first gen of a legacy.

    1. They really are great! If you're writing a story, they can give you some ideas for dialogue or even events.

      That bed is great. Almost every single one of my 1st generation sims (or any generation where I'm trying to save money) gets that bed.

  3. I like using that bed too! It's not only cheap, but also one of the few that look modern and simplistic.

    It's lovely how good these two are together despite being so different <3

    1. It does have a nice look, indeed.

      Marko and Persis do get along really well, even in game without my direction. <3

  4. Maybe they skipped the engagement and just got married at the Justice Dept, therefore the argument is 'We did the right thing, let's go celebrate it!' lol