Monday, 8 January 2018

2.41 Meeting

"Good morning. You're up early," Rafael remarks as Jessica comes downstairs. 

"I'm meeting Beau later at the gym, I had to be up earlier than usual." 

Rafael shudders, "Beau? You mean the creepy red-head?" 

Jessica rolls her eyes, "We've talked about this, he's not creepy he just...doesn't get along well with people." 

"Yeah, tell his harem that," Rafael mutters. Beau Merrick, despite having little money and what Rafael considers to be an unsettling disposition and at best average looks, lives with three women and is sleeping with all of them. 

"Rafael," Jessica chides, "We shouldn't be judging him on his living arrangements. It's none of our business what they do as long as they want to be with him." 

Rafael sighs, "Don't you think it's weird?" 

"Weirder than you living with your girlfriend who's old enough to be your mother and with another girl barely out of high school?" 

"It's not the same thing-," Rafael begins to defend, but Jessica laughs. 

"I'm only teasing, Rafael." 

He gets up and pulls Jessica into his arms, "Let's stop talking about Beau." 

"What would you like to talk about instead?" 

Rafael pulls Jessica in for a deep kiss. 

Jessica sighs. She's met few men who kiss as well as Rafael does. It's a real talent. 

She pulls away with a soft smile, "I should get a box of plasma before I go out..." 

"If you're in a hurry, you could just drink from me..." 

"Are you sure? It's not going to make you too dizzy for work?" 

"I just process reports, it doesn't really matter..." 

Jessica leans in and bites down hard on Rafael's neck. Like always, he feels a slight pinch and then a buzz spreading throughout his veins. He read up on this the first time he let Jessica drink from him; it's a chemical secreted from vampires' fangs to weaken their "prey" by making them feel pleasantly lethargic. Thankfully Jessica's intent isn't to devour him. 

At least not literally... 

The feeding doesn't particularly turn Rafael on, neither does the taste of his own blood, but the apartment is just so empty right now, and Jessica is rarely awake at the same time he is on her days off... 

After some pleasant quality time together, Rafael walks Jessica to the elevator. 

"If you need me to rescue you from that creep, just give me a call. I've earned enough brownie points at work to leave a shift early..." 

"I'm perfectly capable of defending myself, Rafael. Besides, Beau's perfectly harmless. I'll see you tonight," she kisses Rafael's cheek. If only he knew that Beau had the telepathic prowess of a rock. He couldn't control anyone to do anything, vampire or human. 

Rafael gives Beau a curt nod before opening the door and walking to his carpool. 

"Your boyfriend still doesn't like me," Beau deadpans. 

"Aside from your lovers, does anyone? You have all the charm of the masoleoum you work in." Jessica replies sarcastically. 

Beau rolls his eyes, "Well you must, or else why would I be here?" 

Jessica smiles, "Let's go work out."

Jessica, as usual, takes on the role of a trainer. Beau is young and needs guidance. Or at least that's what Jessica always tells him. He glances down at his abdomen and his biceps; he thinks he does a good enough job keeping fit by himself. 

Then again, she could mean his mental powers. He so rarely uses them that all he can do is send and receive thoughts. Nothing more. 

"So is this just a workout or is there...something else... to discuss?" Beau asks. 

"You know that organisation you used to work for?" Jessica telepaths to him, now needing discretion. 

"...yes," comes Beau's hesitant mental answer. 

"I might know someone who would fit in with them nicely.

"Why are you telling me? I don't work for them anymore.

"Because I know you still owe them a favour for letting you leave. I help my friends, Beau.

"How generous. I suppose this comes with a catch.

"You'll owe me a favour sometime. No questions asked.

Beau hesitates. 

"You've worked for some scary people, Beau. I don't need to remind you how they normally collect on unreturned promises.

"I'll arrange a meeting. If you're wrong, they'll have my head on a silver platter.

Jessica grins, "I'm never wrong about these things. I'm good with people. Just don't mention my name, alright?

"Well, I need to tell them something. What's this person even like?

"Her name is Tula...


Later that evening, Tula returns home from work. 

"Rafael!" she beams, rushing over to him, "I had the craziest day at work! The boss called me in, and I thought I was doomed for sure..." 

"But I got promoted! At this rate, I'll have a proper, full time job in a few months. How crazy is that?" 

"That's wonderful! This weekend, that summer celebration... it'll be for you! I'll tell Jessica, maybe we can go to a club," Rafael congratulates her. 

The bump in her paycheck came with a heavy handed hint; do your reading. Apparently Tula's been "coasting" too much on her natural intelligence. Psh. 

Not long after she reaches the middle of her assigned reading, Jessica returns home. 

"Have a good workout?" Tula inquires. 

"Yes, a very good workout..." Jessica begins to smile. 

"In fact, I met up with an old friend at the gym. He'd love to meet you." 


  1. Um, I think Jessica would be a bit older than Rafael's mom by now. XD

    Very interesting meeting Beau. I liked their telepathic conversation.

    I'm not sure what Tula will think about this meeting. Sounds like a criminal organization, and so far she's only worked within the law, so I'm curious to see her reaction.

    1. XD She very well could be...

      It's funny, he's a genius but has limited telepathic powers... maybe because he's young, or because he's so smart he feels like he doesn't need to use them much. Jessica, being older, insists on using her telepathy with other vampires.

      An opportunity is an opportunity...