Thursday, 8 June 2017

2.8 Bells Are Ringing

Mmm, veggie burgers, Persis' favourite! 

Krista finds it much easier to teach Tula how to walk rather than talk. 

"You didn't get a picture of it?" Marko is disappointed in his wife who failed to capture the moment that their granddaughter took her first steps. 

Persis shrugs, "Would a photo make the experience any more memorable?" 

Marko harrumphs, "But with a photo we could show other people who weren't around to see it!" 

"It's not like they won't see her walking later on, you know," Persis shoots back dryly, "Tula's a person, not a vacation you show off to your friends via photos." 

Krista squirms in her seat. They're talking about her daughter, so she knows she should say something, but confrontation when not exceptionally cranky and pregnant makes her uncomfortable. 

Neither Persis nor Marko notice Krista's uneasy shifting. "Then how about the emotional value? We could look at that photo and relive the happiness of seeing her walk for the first time," Marko argues. 

"You have your memory for that." 

Marko harrumphs again, "And when our memories fade?" 

Persis smiles, "As much as I love debating with you, I have a garden to tend to before the snow sets in." 

"You can't just leave an argument when you're bested! Wait, come back!" Marko calls after her. He shuffles out of his chair and follows her to their bedroom. Krista catches Persis rolling her eyes before she indulges Marko in some friendly bickering. Krista smiles; Paolo's parents are so cute. 

Persis did have a point about the impending winter, though. Shortly after she weeds her plants, a thick blanket of snow descends on Appaloosa Plains.  Krista, who lived in a tropical city during her childhood, takes the opportunity to do what was denied to her for her entire childhood; build a snowman. 

Paolo smiles at her as she seriously scrutinizes her snowman's base. This is too adorable. 

"Need any help?" he asks over his shoulder.

"Shhhh, I can do it myself," she waves him off.

He laughs, "As you wish." He decides to clean up the old newspapers in the yard, suppressing a smile as Krista remolds the base snowball over and over again, muttering to herself.

"If you shave any more snow off of it, it's not going to be large enough to support the rest of the snowman," Paolo advises. Krista looks down in surprise, then sighs. She was so concerned about the roundness of the snowball, that she forgot that she would have to put two more on top of it.

"...want to help me out?" she says, flashing a devious smile.

"Well, when you ask so nicely..."

The next morning, long after their snowman is standing proudly in the yard, Paolo sets to fixing the stereo before work. He just manages to turn it on to test the repairs when his ride to work honks outside. 

Tula received this gift in the mail from a great-uncle (or something). She plays with it constantly and seems very protective over it. 

That is, when she's not twisting its head or slamming it against the floor. She has yet to learn how to carefully handle her toys. 

That will have to wait, though; it's Krista and Paolo's wedding day! Lucia and Xara are here to help Krista put the finishing touches on her outfit. 

"Having a winter wedding is such a romantic idea, seeing all the beautiful snow while you exchange your vows," Xara sighs. 

"We didn't even think about that, honestly," Krista admits, "I just want to get it over with!" All of those eyes on her... all the picture taking people will want to do... why didn't they just have a private wedding? 

"Oh, relax, it's your wedding day! It's all about you, savor it," Xara says with a smile, clapping Krista's shoulder. Krista does not feel reassured. 

While Xara and Lucia Pelly-Fox help Krista get ready, Alaina Riffin, Krista's younger half-sister, nervously approaches Paolo. 

"You look so handsome in your suit," she compliments. Before he can react, she whips out a bouquet of flowers. 

"I know you've been with my sister for ages... but it's not too late for you to notice...other women," she says. Alaina has been admiring Paolo from afar since high school, always thinking one day her sister and the Winterly boy would split up. Then Krista got pregnant and moved in with him, and now they're getting married! Alaina doesn't see any other opportunity to express her feelings... maybe he only stayed with Krista because of the baby, or because he didn't know he had any other options. 

Paolo clears his throat uncomfortably as he tries to think of what to say. Alaina can see his answer long before he speaks, his discomfort clear in his eyes. 

"I'm flattered, but I love Krista. Besides, I think I'm a bit too old for you," he tries to joke. Alaina was born shortly before Paolo entered high school, causing quite a large age gap between them. Alaina is practically barely out of high school while his daughter is already a toddler! 

Alaina withdraws her flowers and gives him a thin smile. "Yes, of course... I hope you two are happy together." 

After Krista is fully prepped, she comes out for the wedding kiss. No one is actually facing them while they do this, much to Krista's relief. 

Uh guys, I think that's enough... 

They share their first dance together as a married couple. 

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" Paolo says with a smirk. 

Krista laughs, "I'm still glad it's over." 

Paolo laughs with her, silently agreeing. He would've been just fine with a private wedding at City Hall, but his father would probably have been distressingly upset had they not had a party. 

Speaking of his father... 

Marko completely bypasses a greeting when he finally gets around to seeing Xara. "Do you have any pictures of Gregory?" 

Xara grins, "Of course I do! Just let me get my phone..." Xara has predictably taken many photos of her son who is now a toddler. His hair hasn't grown out yet, but the light fuzz on his head is bright blue. 

While he waits, Marko glances at Tulip, dancing with Hubert Fox. He was surprised at her marriage to Rodney Singleton, less because of his advanced age and more because of her unerring commitment to her job. He remembers when she was telling him she didn't have time even for a date! And now here she is, married and going to parties. 

After their formal dance, Krista and Paolo "let loose", i.e. flail their limbs around half-heartedly because they have no idea what they're doing. Xara feels physical pain just looking at it. 

"I feel like people are staring at us," Krista whispers, cheeks burning with embarrassment. 

"Only because of our amazing dance moves," Paolo answers, wiggling his shoulders. Even more heat shoots into Krista's face. 


He ignores her protests and methodically shakes his limbs. 

"Oh plumbbob, what are they doing?" Xara sighs to Tulip and Hubert. It's like Paolo's trying to embarrass their family! 

Eventually the awkward dancing stops to make room for Tulip and Hubert's epic skills. He calls this one "the back breaker". 

They are perfectly in synch. 

"Where did you learn to dance?" Hubert asks Tulip. He's always imagined her as being a straight-laced cop, so her ability to not just keep up with him but outpace him is surprising. 

"My sister," she admits shamelessly. While they no longer live in the same house after her marriage, Tulip has been to several of Xara's get-togethers with other musicians. You can't be my sister and not dance, Xara had told her. So at these gatherings Xara coaxed out Tulip's "inner dancer", and now she can fend for herself at parties. 

"And how about you, Mr. Council Member?" Tulip turns the conversation to Hubert. Hubert's mother, Chayenne Fox, was the city mayor for most of Tulip's childhood and it seems her son has followed in her footsteps. 

Hubert shrugs, "You have to dance at parties, even the boring stuffy ones with other politicians. I dance solely for survival." 

Tulip scoffs. She can hardly imagine Appaloosa Plain's political elite doing the "back breaker". But she feels she's questioned Hubert enough already, and continues to dance the night away with him.


  1. D'aww I'm kinda Team Marko on the picture. I get what Persis is saying but it's nice to have "proof" of the memories.

    I sense sparks between Hubert and Tulip! Abandon the old man, Tulip! You can do better!

    1. Yeah, it's nice to have around, isn't it?

      Hahaha, I didn't even think about that! But they must have a high relationship value after all that dancing, so maybe at least friends?

  2. Yay, they're married! It's crazy how sims keep trying to give each other flowers, even when it's so obviously bad timing. I like how you explained it though!

    1. Yaaaay!!

      Particularly in this save, my goodness. Everyone seems to be secretly a florist XD It was so weird, Alana and Paolo had never met at that point either! Sims weirdness...