Monday, 5 June 2017

2.7 Live a Little

"Fish live in schools. You're going to go to school one day... uhm..." Krista isn't really sure how this "teaching to talk" thing works. Do you just blather at the kid and hope they absorb your vocabulary via osmosis? She doesn't think it's really working. 

After her "lesson" with Tula, Krista guiltily savors Paolo's cheesesteak. It's her favourite food, but since beginning high school, way back when she still lived in Isla Paradiso, she's tried to stick with being a vegetarian. 

She feels a bit nauseous after finishing it, either from a placebo effect or because her body's not used to meat anymore, and regrets breaking her long streak of vegetarianism. 

She looks back at the fridge with a sigh. Paolo made enough to feed at least eight people... 

Persis takes an early morning walk. It's spring, meaning lower temperatures. She enjoys the brisk air, but sighs as she walks on the frosty fields. She's not going to get to garden for a while after this... 

Paolo bakes pumpkin pie, his father's favourite food, as thank you for looking after Tula during the day. 

Even though no one is in the kitchen to see it, he finishes the pie off with a dramatic flourish. It improves the food's quality... somehow. Well, at least that's what he tells people. 

Marko immediately digs into the pie, dressed like...this. 

No comment. 

It might be because Krista's having a bachelorette party and the dress code is "impressive gear". Krista and her guests wore that nonsense for about two sim minutes before changing to formal wear. 

Even though she didn't ask for any, some "adult entertainment" shows up anyways. 

She doesn't know why they're wearing witch hats. Probably a joke from one of the party guests, but her supernatural skeptic trait just makes her roll her eyes. Pfft, magic. 

How one remains skeptical to the supernatural when their future sister-in-law is a known vampire is anyone's guess. 

Krista is already wishing she were home where there's no loud music to shout over and free cheese plates. 

Melissa Marshall climbs up onto the bar and starts dancing. Krista focuses on eating the absurdly expensive cheese she ordered for this party, somewhat successfully drowning out Melissa's drunken whoops and cheers to the party dancers. 

Tulip has just been standing inoffensively this whole party, but she gets singled out by one of the dancers anyways. 

"Hey, if you give me a little something, I could take a special request..." 

Tulip smirks. "I don't make enough to give anyone a 'little something', and besides, I'm married." It's true, she's Tulip Winterly-Singleton now, married to Rodney Singleton. He's the father of her former classmate- and now fellow colleague at the police station- Roman Loveland. Roman is too polite and professional to point out that their families are quite intertwined with Xara also dating his uncle, Booker Singleton, but Tulip can sense how awkward he feels about it. 

She feels no regrets about her marriage, but she's getting tired of having to justify it to people. She suspects one of the guests sent this speedo, witch hat-clad dancer over to her to entrap her and prove how flimsy her marriage is.  

"Well, for someone as enticing as yourself, the 'little something' could be real 'little'," he seems to ignore her marital status and lowers his voice. Tulip guesses it's supposed to be seductive, but she just finds it funny. Is there anyone, even if they aren't a cop, who would fall for this? 

"I don't want your 'little something', got it?" 

Tulip goes to the bathroom to freshen up, but is instead ambushed by a bottle-wielding Krista. She can protest all she likes, but she still gets sprayed with nectar. 

Tulip has never really had alcohol before, so the sticky nectar combined with the cocktails she had earlier easily pushes her into an intoxicated state. She looks around the room, wincing at the swimming sensation in her brain. The colours seem a brighter than before, but her vision doesn't so much pan around the room as it swings from point to point. She doesn't like this feeling. 

"Ugh, I think it's time for me to go home," she groans, wiping the nectar off of her face. She feels her back pocket for her phone, but her fingers are too sticky to type properly.  

Benney, who was a young adult when Tulip and Krista were toddlers, sighs at this tom foolery. She remembers all the partying she did at their age... only a few glasses and they're already giggling and tripping over themselves? Pathetic. She sighs as she takes Tulip's phone and calls Rodney to pick Tulip up. Looking after these fools is like babysitting. 

With Tulip being driven home, Krista feels a bit out of place. She doesn't really know anyone else at her party; she actually didn't even want to have one, but caved at Xara's insistence that she should "live a little" before she ties the knot. Xara herself ended up not coming, a last minute work engagement coming up. Not wanting the rest of the party to be an entire waste, she tries to strike up conversation with Sheena Marshall, Pablo's girlfriend and the mother of two of his children. 

"So how's work going?" Krista yells. 


"How's work going?" 

"How's what going?"



Krista sighs. Her temple throbs painfully, probably a result of the combination of being tipsy and the incredibly loud music. Time to go home. 

Paolo is surprised to see Krista come home before the sun rises, given how bachelor/bachelorette parties usually go. 

"Did you have fun?" he asks over his shoulder. Tula pouts a little at her dad's attention being diverted from her. 

"Uh... I guess. It wasn't too bad." 

Tula tugs on Paolo's sleeve. "House! House!" she repeats the word he has been trying to teach her for the past few hours. 

Krista smiles. Staying at home probably would have been much more enjoyable than any party, she thinks as she watches Tula babble excitedly at Paolo, at least here there's someone to talk to. 



Some outtakes of Persis teaching Tula how to talk:



  1. Tula will be so disappointed when she goes to school and sees no fish living there.
    Marko's summer outfit is amazing! A real trendsetter, maybe he should give up teaching in favor of a stylist career? Although I'm sure his students were also delighted to see him like this =D

    1. Oh she will, definitely.

      Haha it thankfully wasn't his summer outfit, the game put him in bachelor party clothes for some reason.

      Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to mention that at that point in the game that Marko had reached the top of his career XD no more students, except for the young adults whom he used to teach.

  2. Haha what's up with Marko's outfit! He's gotten daring with age. XD

    The supernatural skeptic trait is soooo weird. Because there is a lot of overwhelming evidence of the supernatural in TS3. But I guess they felt the need to balance out the supernatural fan trait?

    Oh gosh Tulip. XD You could have done so much better!

    1. XD It was just "dress to impress" wear, but I don't know who he's going to impress...

      It is really strange. I guess maybe they're more skeptic of the more mystical elements of it (things like connections to the ether or spirits) but still, in a Sims 3 universe, there's just no way you could deny the supernatural.

      Isn't it also weird how Xara and Tulip are dating siblings? They have quite similar tastes, it seems. At least Rodney and Booker are decent guys (Booker and Xara share "party animal" as a trait even)

  3. Persis teaching Tula all the important stuff a toddler needs to know XD