Thursday, 4 January 2018

2.38 Mind is Made Up

"They all accepted me," Tula says in disbelief, "Every single application except the military." It's been nearly half a year since she initially filled out the applications for several internships in Bridgeport, and she's just received word on her applications' status. 

"What's the problem? You never liked sports. You'd never get through the physical evaluation." 

"Wow, thanks dad." 

"Just being honest, Tula." 

Tula rolls her eyes. She's not surprised she got rejected either, but this is the first time she's not measured up. It's a curious feeling. 

But even if they had, Tula's mind is made up. The political internship is best suited to her skills; working with chemicals, being a corporate drone, teaching... none of them make the fullest use of her people skills. Sure, becoming a CEO requires charisma, but her ability to directly impact the world outside of the corporation, and to be known, is limited. 

"Just as long as you avoid the science lab," Sun chimes in as she walks into the room, "You'd barely see anyone and just interact with plants all day." 

"You garden all the time. What's so bad about plants?" 

"Have you ever had to painstakingly monitor every single little change of a plant? One that can eat you?" 


A few hours later, Haliya is home from school and in her tutu. She has her final ballet performance today, and is beginning to panic. 

"I can't remember my dance moves!" she says anxiously. 

"This wouldn't be happening if you practiced more," Tula sighs. 

Haliya's brow furrows. Dance class is fun, but practicing at home is boring. 

"It was something like this..." Haliya extends her arms uncertainly. 

"Then we spin around a few times and end like this!" she does a pile, looking up at Tula expectantly. 

Tula's no expert, but even she can tell that Haliya's pretty much doomed. 

Seeing her sister on the verge of tears, she sighs and gives her a hug. 

"I'm sure you'll be fine. Just stay behind everyone else where no one can see if you forget everything." 

Haliya pulls away, now uneasy. Is her dancing really that bad? 

"Haliya, are you ready?" 

"Yeah, dad, I'll wait in the car!" 

She runs out the door, causing Tula to sigh. Haliya forgot her ballet shoes. 

This should be great... 

The recital passes pretty much without incident. They could barely see Haliya since she was behind so many other dancers, but her parents congratulate her on her dancing. 

Haliya is quiet as her mother praises her. Tula was right, hiding out in the back made the performance much better. She can't dance. 

Her worries and insecurities are dispelled by a hug from her older sister. 

"Good job, Haliya. You did exactly what I told you!" 

Haliya smiles. Tula is so smart! She always knows what's best... 

 Who's going to help me when Tula goes away? Haliya worries. She shakes her head. There's always phone calls, right?

"I'll miss you when you go," Haliya says quietly.

Tula ruffles her hair, "I'll miss you too."

But that doesn't mean she won't go.


  1. Aw, Haliya! I always get a kick out of Tula's evil machinations working out, but I feel too sorry for Haliya to enjoy this one. I bet she would have danced just fine at the recital, the poor sweetie.

    And then there was the talking about healthy food and subsequent tooth brushing conversation in the previous chapter... I wonder where that's going to go. Arguments between Sun and Paolo maybe?

    Anyway, I'm really having fun with where your story is going :D

    1. Poor, poor Haliya... at least dancing isn't in her future :P

      Perhaps... we shall see ;)

      Thank you! It's fun to play!

  2. Nooo! Don't listen to Tula! This is so realistic, though. At least Tula isn't interested enough in building Haliya's insecurities to keep her from going to Bridgeport.

    1. I was actually planning on Tula being positive for once, but then she pulled that face when Haliya showed off her "pile" sooo insecurity harping it was...

      And yeah, Haliya is still too young and "insiginifcant" in Tula's eyes to be truly worth exploiting. Bridgeport has her internship and new friends, after all.