Wednesday, 17 May 2017

1.16 Summer Nights

"Moooom, I need your help for a school project." To make a poster, specifically. "I have all the research on it done and all the pictures, so it's just cutting out stuff and gluing..." 

Persis takes pity on her daughter and agrees to help. "What's the project about, anyways?"

"Cellular respiration. We have to make a poster showing the aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration processes." 

Persis is glad she isn't in school anymore. 

The feeling is only affirmed as she listens to her daughters discuss math tests and Simlish presentations. 

The conversation turns towards more interesting topics. 

"You know Keith Chandra?" 

Xara nods. Keith Chandra is the only child of Vallari Chandra, and one of Kanoa Parrott's many, many children. 

"He asked me out on a date." It was after chemistry class. They were cleaning up their experiment and were the last ones in the room. He asked her if she'd be free to go to Mick's sometime, just the two of them. 

Xara's eyes widen. "Seriously? But isn't he dating Lucia?" 

Tulip shrugs. She doesn't keep up with school gossip much. "No idea." 

"And what did you say?"

"I said yes." 

Xara smiles, and then frowns. "What if he's still dating someone else though?" 

Tulip considers this. "I'll ask him about it. If he is dating someone else, then I'll just not go on anymore dates with him." 

Xara nods. "And I'll ask around too. In case he lies." 

"Good idea." 

They definitely have each other's backs. 

Marko couldn't help overhearing the conversation and takes a selfie with Tulip. 

"The last memory of my daughter being a little girl," he sniffs. 

"It actually looks pretty good," Tulip ignores her father's cliche. 

Paolo isn't so little anymore either. He approaches his father for dating advice. 

"Just be yourself. And smile!" 

"Dad, I can't do both." 

Marko sighs. "You're not that bad. C'mon, loosen up a little!" 

Paolo stares at him blankly. 

"You have much to learn, my son."

Later that evening, Tulip goes to Mick's for the aforementioned date. 

"Hey Keith, before we start hanging out, I just wanted to know...are you seeing anyone right now? Just so everything's out in the open." 

There is a long... 


Long... silence. 

Keith sees no other option and bolts for the door. Tulip tries to mask her disappointment as she stares at his retreating figure. 

"Keith is a loser," she informs Xara over dinner, "A lying stupid loser." 

"That seems harsh."

"He did lie, and he couldn't even admit it!" 

Xara nods in agreement. What is it with the boys in their school? First Pablo, then Keith... next thing they know Paolo will be some kind of casanova. 

Tulip's date has made Persis realize her kids are growing up, and fast. She rushes to preserve their childhood in some way and starts with her oldest, Xara. Since painting that yeti toy, her portrait skills have improved. 

Xara comes home very late in her formal clothes. 

"How was drama club?" Marko asks. 

She yawns. "We all had to give a monologue. Some of them were very, very long." She yawns again as she remembers the dozens of speakers- some funny, some serious, some trying too hard, some barely prepared. She's not sure which category she fits into, but she's glad it's over. 

When Tulip gets home from work, Persis wastes no time in capturing her likeness. 

"Mom, I'm going to be young for a super long time. Do you really need a painting of me?" 

"You'll be a young adult for a super long time," Persis corrects, "But you're only a teen for so long..." she sighs wistfully. Tulip wonders if this is some delayed midlife crisis. 

Chess is a very important game for department heads. 

Persis makes lunch for the family. Paolo is seriously considering taking over cooking for the household, if for no other reason than wanting to eat something other than peanut-butter jelly sandwhiches, salad, and macaroni. 

Xara has a play, so the whole family comes to watch. She might only have four lines but it's the principle that counts, right? 

It turns into an impromptu homework and tutoring session. Marko helps out an elementary schooler with her science homework while the teens idly chat and write in answers. 

The new garden gnome knocks the grey flamingo out of his way, effectively establishing its dominance. In other words, it's summer and Marko bought more tacky lawn ornaments. 

The interior of the house also gets a new gnome. Might as well get one to keep the green gnome company, right? 

Marko gets an offer to make some extra money by becoming a part-time tutor. His employer is Oriole Bird whose son, Nicky, is struggling in class. Marko accepts and goes to the Bird house (ha ha, bird a- yeah, you guys get it) to explain the mysteries of physics and calculus. 

Nicky is not stupid, but he certainly feels like it whenever he looks at his science homework. How can something written in simlish still make no sense? 

Marko breaks it down for him as simply as possible, but it's clear that Nicky is far behind the lesson material and doesn't understand most of the fundamental concepts his homework is based off of. Marko wonders why he waited this long to ask for help. 

"I thought I could do it by myself," Nicky confesses, "I tried going to the after school help sessions and studying with friends and looking it up online, but it still doesn't make any sense." He frowns at his half completed worksheet, almost all of the answers at least 75% done by Marko. 

Marko nods sympathetically, "It's ok, you'll get it eventually. Just remember when you see a complicated problem, break it down into simpler concepts." Marko scribbles some words on a piece of paper and hands it to Nicky. "Here are some websites and books that might help you." 

Nicky glances at his phone screen. "It's been two hours, I need to do my other homework. Thanks, Mr. Winterly." 

"Always happy to help!" 

The next day the summer festival is open. Persis throws on her flame hoodie and walks down to the festival grounds. 

Mmm, snow cone. 

Also, her hair matches her snowcone. Just sayin'. 

Persis also gets her face painted. In the spirit of the festival, she gets a sun painted her cheek. 

She gets bored of the festival activities pretty quickly, so Persis decides to liven the place up a little. 

That's better. 

Xara and Paolo get home from their after school activities. Xara pulls out her homework while Paolo pulls out dinner. 

"Don't you have homework to do?" Xara grumbles. 

Paolo shakes his head, "Did it in study hall."

Xara snorts, "You actually do your homework in study hall?"

Paolo furrows his brow. "Isn't that what it's for...?" 

"You don't talk to your friends or- you know what, never mind," Xara stops herself from bringing up her brother's friendless status at school. 

Then a smile slowly spreads on her face. "So what's this I hear about you and Krista Parrott?"

Paolo's cheeks redden slightly. "It's not a big deal."

"Uh huh."

"Seriously, we just went on one date."

"Uh huh." 

"Is that all you can say?"

"Uh huh." 

Xara snickers at her brother's annoyance before asking in a slightly more serious tone, "So you got any ideas for your next date with her?" 

Paolo considers it for a moment. Krista's in different classes than he is so he hasn't seen her since their last date. He should ask her to go somewhere with him... but where? 

Finally he shrugs and takes a bite out of his sandwich. "I dunno, I'll think about it some more." 

Xara scoffs. "Wow, you're such a romantic." 

Paolo ignores her comment, "Is mom still at the festival?" she sent them a text before leaving the house today. 

"Mom probably decided to go fishing or something on the way home." 

Her children know her so well. 


  1. I agree with Persis re: school. XD I got anxious just thinking about having to make that poster.

    Poor Tulip! What's with all the taken boys asking the Winterly girls out?

    I'm getting kinda sad about the kids growing up. ;_; I've gotten so attached to them.

    1. I hated making posters in school because of all the cutting and glueing and how messy it could get... *shudders*

      I was so annoyed! I wanted to turn the date into a normal outing to at least make Tulip a friend, but after asking about his relationship status Keith ran home. I honestly have no idea, but to be fair most of the teen boys are taken in Appaloosa Plains.

      Yeah, they age up soon! I really didn't want to move anyone out this generation, but in the end I had to...